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- How as artists, do we build relationships with the market, society and people outside of the art world?
- How do we shape our freedom as artists to penetrate into different layers of society?
- How do we create our own system of support?

I am a visual artist based in Brussels, Belgium.

My work webs out into different business ideas that are self-sufficient and potentially self-perpetuating. Things I make for those businesses are sculptural objects and multimedia installations, coming from my educational background.

Through my enterprises I question how artists establish their autonomy and the role of an artist in social contexts. The new systems of economy I create also propose a new market, in between the existing art market and the relevant industry sector my business invests in such as: a company that creates memorial statues of dead dogs–'Dogs Die Love Doesn’t', a portable self-defense sculpture business for women–'Gentle Bite Long Lasting Pain', an artist cooperation of swimming pool design & construction–'Deep Pleasure Pool Club' and a ‘Pro-Teapot’, a teapot start-up that aims to adress the weight of invisible labour and the illusion of free-energy.

Currently I am working on 'Grand Tool Supply', presenting a series of sculptures as functional tools for working grandmothers. Fueled by productivity, necessity, or passion, these artworks honor their unwavering dedication. The company aims to develop tools specifically tailored to the various labours undertaken by grandmothers while challenging productivity norms by incorporating their unique perspectives on life and intentional tool malfunction.