Piece of Heart


Installation view, Koning Albertpark, Antwerpen. Photo by Charley Croonen

(*Text from Publiek Park)

Yemo Park’s work Piece of Heart draws inspiration from the tale of The Dog of Flanders, written by the English author Ouida. It is about a boy Nello and his dog Patrasche, who live in Hoboken. Nello had a talent for art, but the crude circumstances of his life never allowed him to follow his artistic aspirations. Within the dog park, which sits next to a tram line leading to Hoboken, Yemo Park introduces five sculptures that illustrate elements from the tale. Furthermore, Yemo Park introduces a sequel to the story in which she loses her own dog and endeavours to craft a special whistle, to help the dog to find its way back to her. Eventually, she finds a dog in a container park, which has an extraordinary personality and characteristics. This story is a source material for the artist’s new business venture – a dog whistle company. The whistles presented at the dog enclosure are based on the portraits of the animals that visit the park. In collaboration with writer Merel Schoonen, Yemo Park’s story is developed into a comic. Every week during Publiek Park, a new episode of the comic is released on Publiek Park website, and every weekend, there is a performance at the dog enclosure by Yemo Park.


Episode 1 : A Dog Of (Hearts)
Episode 2 : A Dog Of (Shadows)
Episode 3 : A Dog Of (Sound)

Photo by Michiel De Cleene

Photo by Michiel De Cleene

Installation view, photo by Charley Croonen

Photo by Charley Croonen

Photo by Michiel De Cleene